Shipments grew 5.33%

Exports of Brazilian orange juice (FCOJ Equivalent to 66º Brix) amounted to 1,073,918 tons in the twelve months of the 2021/2022 harvest, according to data from the Secretariat of Foreign Trade (Secex), compiled by CitrusBR. This represents an increase of 5.33% compared to the 2020/2021 harvest, when 1,019,554 tons were shipped. In terms of revenue, sales closed at US$ 1.622 billion, a growth of 6.95% compared to the US$ 1.516 billion in the previous harvest.

Among markets, Europe remains the main destination for Brazilian orange juice exports, with a share of 63.61%, followed by the USA, with 20.75%, China with 8.3%, Japan with 3.50 % and other markets correspond to 3.84%. “This was one of the most difficult harvests in recent years, with small supply of fruit combined with problems resulting from drought and frost”, explains the executive director at CitrusBR, Ibiapaba Netto.


To Europe, orange juice shipments closed the 2021/2022 crop with 614,190 tons, a reduction of 5.64% compared to the previous crop, which was 650,882 tons. Revenues totaled US$ 1.038 billion, 5.87% above the US$ 981 million in the previous harvest.

In relation to the United States, Brazilian exports registered an increase of 1.21% in the twelve months of the crop year, with 200,558 tons compared to 198,151 tons in the previous period. In revenue, sales were US$ 362.5 million, an increase of 21.98% compared to US$ 297.2 million for the 2020/2021 harvest.

China imported 77,477 tons in the 2021/2022 crop, 33.56% more than the 2020/2021 crop, with shipments of 58,011 tons. Exports grew 24.35% with US$ 91 million compared to US$ 73.2 million in the previous harvest.

Orange juice shipments to Japan registered a drop of 12.17% in the 2021/2022 harvest, with 33,830 tons. In the previous harvest, shipments totaled 35,518. Revenue grew 3.19%, with US$ 56.2 million compared to US$ 54.5 million in the previous harvest.