CitrusBR profoundly mourns the passing of Mr. José Luis Cutrale, which happened on August 17th, in London, due to natural causes, according to a statement issued by the family.

Mr. José Luis Cutrale was one of those responsible for building the global orange juice market.

Our sincere condolences to the family.


See the complete statement released by the family below.

 It is with great sadness we announce the passing of our beloved Father, professor and mentor, José Luis Cutrale, by natural causes in London today. Born in São Paulo on September 17th, 1946, José Luis an Italian -Brazilian started working as a young boy for his father at Cantareira Municipal Market in São Paulo and began growing oranges. Twenty years later, in 1967 they founded Cutrale with a lot of effort and joint dedication, transforming the family name synonymous of orange juice worldwide. Married to Rosana Falcioni Cutrale in 1972, with mutual love and respect, have happily shared their lives for over 50 years raising us with loving care and wisdom, dedicating their lives primarily to the family, the business and philanthropy. Throughout his successful entrepreneur life, José Luis invested in the businesses of fresh oranges, orange juice, grains, logistics, bananas, salads, condiments, beverages, snacks, real estate, financial services and health care. A man of few words and great commitment, with strong interpersonal skills and brilliance in business. Our Father, a tireless fighter has lived his life with kindness and respect to people, hard work, honesty and discretion, values which he transmitted to us and his six grandchildren to perpetuate his family and business legacy. Our family, friends, associates and partners will miss him forever and will carry the great memories”.