Citrus Industry – Due to the importance of differentiation in international markets, the Mexican lemon sector is studying the possibility of creating a national quality seal for its lemons.

“The future of our lemons must involve the creation of a national quality seal, which will differentiate them from countries such as Egypt, Turkey or South Africa, and thus generate greater added value for producers,” says Jaime Galván, an agri-food consultant from Zamora, Mexico.

Galván believes a quality seal could help Mexican producers consolidate their commercial presence in important markets like the European Union, the United States and Japan. “We must differentiate ourselves through quality. A seal of quality will also allow us to promote Mexican lemons around the world,” he says.

“A national quality mark for Mexican lemons will bring greater profitability and competitiveness to the Mexican lemon industry, and especially will allow for better positioning in new export markets, such as Russia, where Mexican lemons can develop more intensely in the coming years,” says Oliver Huesmann, director of the international consulting firm Fruit Consulting. “Mexican lemons can grow much more in the coming years in the Japanese market, and undoubtedly, a quality seal will contribute to expand their prestige and international dimension in markets around the world.”

According to Huesmann, citrus buyers in Europe place a lot of value on quality seals. “They consider it a great differentiator, so we believe that Mexican lemons with their own brand could be a huge success in the European Union market and also in the United States,” he notes. He says marketing, research, innovation, promotion, communication and internationalization will be important for increasing the competitiveness of lemons from Mexico in the coming years.

“In addition, digital marketing and online sales will be key aspects for the growth of Mexican lemons in foreign markets worldwide,” concludes Huesmann.