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Total Brazilian Orange Juice Exports

in FCOJ Equivalent to 66° Brix

How to use our data

In the classification Brazil uses for its exports (NCM, Mercosur Commom Nomenclature), the orange juice is divided in three categories: Frozen Concentrate Orange Juice (FCOJ), Not-From-Concentrate (NFC) and Other juices. To obtain the total volume of Brazilian orange juice exports - without distorting the data due to concentration differences between the juices - the concept of FCOJ Equivalent was created. It converts the volume of not-from-concentrate juice into a volume equivalent to concentrate juice (66° Brix), thus achieving a more realistic figure for the volume of total orange juice exported.

Check below the total exports of orange juice in FCOJ Equivalent or access the links to see the exports of FCOJ, NFC and Other Juices individually.


FCOJ Equivalent Exports in tons and trading volume

FCOJ Exports in tons and trading volume

NFC Exports in tons and trading volume

Others Exports in tons and trading volume

Source: Secex