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São Paulo, December 2018.
STATEMENT – 2018/19 Brazilian Orange Crop – Ratio of the Fruit
To whom it may concern:
The Technical Committee of CitrusBR would like to update information about the development of orange crop 2018_2019 in the Citrus Belt of São Paulo State.
The trend of low Ratio (brix/acid) results has been confirmed not only for early and mid-season varieties, but also for late ones, Valencia and Natal.
As the strong drought and extended winter had affected fruit development and the maturation process till end of September, the mix of bloomings and intensive rainfall produced similar effect in subsequent months, generating a flat curve of Fruit Ratio development and confirming relatively low Vitamin C values.
Even after Brazilian processors took important decisions to delay fruit harvesting and processing, the Fruit Ratio is moving towards a low average. Additionally, the Brix of the fruit has dropped a lot since early November due to intense rainfalls.
CitrusBR members reassure their commitment to deliver high quality products and to look for the best fit of the orange crop with the juice standards in different markets.
Ibiapaba Netto
CitrusBR Executive Director
Representing: Citrosuco, Cutrale and Louis Dreyfus Commodities