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Tropicanas bold shift to PET

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Tropicanas bold shift to PET

Packaging World - 07/06/2012

Posted by Pat Reynolds, Editor/Vice President, Packaging World, July 6, 2012

Project "Inspiration" takes Tropicana Pure Premium into four new PET bottles, including two handled containers made with a new EBM grade that's approved for recycling.



"Packaging is central to what we do, and right now we're in a big, big packaging transformation."

That's how vice president of marketing Memo Maquivar of PepsiCo's Tropicana Products Division describes Tropicana's carefully coordinated and lovingly executed move to clear PET containers for all four sizes of its Tropicana Pure Premium (TPP) brand.
"It's been a huge shift for the company," Maquivar continues. "You can imagine how significantly our manufacturing footprint in Florida has had to change in moving to these new clear plastic containers." In some cases the move was away from gabletop cartons, while in others, it was white high-density polyethylene that was being replaced.

"Keep in mind," says Ruth Spudic, packaging and promotions director, "that this was all done on top of running the base business. Product kept going out the door, as it had to. Transforming the business, the plants, the labels-not to mention keeping our suppliers up to speed and in synch with where we were going-it was extremely demanding. Only an amazing team effort could have pulled it off."

Adds Maquivar: "It was like changing the tires while the car is still running. But we were careful to adapt each line in a way that maximized the capital investment involved."
In all four sizes, the primary driver in the switch to PET was product clarity. The move was also seen as an opportunity to give all four TPP offerings a common look.
The shift to PET started in 2011, when a 59-oz ESL gabletop was replaced by an injection stretch blow molded (ISBM) PET container also holding 59 oz and filled on ESL equipment. The bottle weighs 60 g. Next was the single-serve 12-oz container, which is aseptically filled on a GEA Procomac system because it's sold through convenience-store channels and consequently needs a longer shelf life than ESL technology provides. The single-serve was already in an ISBM PET bottle, but that bottle was decorated with a full-body shrink-sleeve label. The new single-serve PET, weighing in at 21.5 g, takes the same carafe shape as the 59-oz bottle, and the full-body shrink-sleeve label has been replaced by front and back labels. Why the change in decoration? "It's a matter of premiumizing the brand," says Spudic. "Being able to see the juice is huge to the consumer. And the mini carafe shape is much more elegant."


Source: Packaging World