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Just Drinks - 08/24/2011

Author: Michelle Russell | 24 August 2011


Brazil accounts for around 85% of global exports of orange juice

Just Drinks
Brazil accounts for around 85% of global exports of orange juice
The Brazilian Association of Citrus Exporters (CitrusBR) has launched a US$1.5m campaign to promote orange juice in the UK, amid falling consumption across Europe and the US.

CitrusBR has joined forces with Brazilian export promotions agency Apex-Brasil to launch the campaign, which will involve a website, social networking and the use of printed press. CitrusBR's CEO, Christian Lohbauer, told just-drinks yesterday (23 August) that the campaign will launch initially in the UK, before being rolled out globally.

"We started to study the whole international communication of marketing for oranges," Lohbauer said. "Why? Because we are exporting around 85% of [our production], especially to Europe ... 70% to Europe and 15% to the US. And if our country supports more than 80%, then it is in our interest to promote orange juice.

"What can we do as exporters of commodities?" he added. "We don't have trademarks, we don't have distributors in Europe, we are in the middle of the chain and the numbers are very clear. The world is drinking less orange juice than it used to drink before. Consumption is falling very strongly in the US and it is flat in Europe in the last ten years."

Lohbauer said the UK will be the trial country for its marketing camaign, because it is the third most important global market for orange juice and because of the country's high consumption of 100% orange juice.

"Also, the economic situation isn't as bad [in the UK] as in the rest of Europe," he added. "So we have the UK as a good market to start something and see what happens." The campaign could be expanded to Germany and France, if the UK trial goes well.

The campaign will include an 'I Feel Orange' website, the use of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as comics and online games. In November, the campaign will also feature in the printed press.

Brazil's orange juice exports increased by 44% in the first-half of 2011, according to figures from CitrusBR. However, exports dropped by 13.27% for the month of July, to $183.44bn.


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