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Brazilian orange sector signs document and advances in the creation of Consecitrus

CitrusBR - 10/28/10

Orange sector representatives sign document and advances in the creation of Consecitrus
Citrus chain representative bodies have signed this Monday, October 25th, an important document for the creation of Consecitrus - mechanism of voluntary compliance, similar to what exists in the Brazilian sugar cane sector, to guide the prices paid for the orange box.

At a meeting headed by the Secretary of Agriculture of the State of São Paulo, Joao Sampaio, FAESP (Federation of Agriculture of the State of São Paulo), Brazilian Rural Society (SRB) and Associtrus (Brazilian Association of Citrus Producers), in the side of producers, and CitrusBR (Brazilian Association of Citrus Exporters), representing the industries of orange juice, entered into a commitment through a protocol of intentions.

With the signing, representatives claim the decision to create a board with the goal of establishing policies and guidelines for the orange chain. The document is the result of nine meetings between the sector and the Secretariat of Agriculture this year.

The next steps for the creation of Consecitrus will be completing the final draft of their status and decide the form of representation of orange growers. The document was signed by
Secretary Joao Sampaio, his assistance-secretary, Antonio de Queiroz Julio Junqueira, Marco Antonio dos Santos, Director of the Bureau of Citrus at FAESP; Gaston Crocco, from SRB; Kowarick Eric Douglas, from Associtrus; and Christian Lohbauer from CitrusBR. The next meeting might take place on November 8th, when Consecitrus starts to get detailed status.