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2010-11 Florida Citrus Crop First Estimates

Source: The Ledger 08/16/2010


The first reliable estimates of next season's crop surfaced Monday from Elizabeth Steger, an Orlando citrus consultant, at 154 million boxes and from Louis Dreyfus Citrus Inc. in Winter Garden at 149 million boxes.


"It simply wasn't that unexpected. It won't move the market that much," said Bob Behr, an economist and vice president at Florida's Natural Growers in Lake Wales, the nation's third-largest orange juice seller. "I think it's good news for the processing industry. It gives us enough fruit to run."


Behr also is a member of the Florida Citrus Commission, which had forecast the 2010-11 orange crop at 147.3 million boxes in a spring poll of all the members. The industry consensus before the Steger and Dreyfus estimates came out hovered around 150 million boxes.


But those were merely guesses based on local grove conditions. Steger and Dreyfus conduct a statistical sampling of groves across the state involving counting oranges on the tree and estimating final fruit size based on historical rates.


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